About BOC Self-Assessment Exams

Online self-assessment exams are available to students preparing for the BOC certification exam and/or ATs seeking an assessment of their domain knowledge. Content experts who develop the BOC certification exam wrote questions in these self-assessment exams. The exams will assist in determining areas of strength and weakness in the domains of athletic training.

  • Test Mode: In test mode, you will receive your score and a brief report detailing your areas of strength and weakness at the domain level immediately after you take a self-assessment exam. Click here to view a sample results page.
  • Study Mode: In study mode, candidates are provided with the correct answer and a reference. Therefore, no final score is given.

How to Take the Self-Assessement Exams

To take the exams, create an account on this website by clicking I am a first-time user in the Log In box on the right. You will need to provide your BOC Candidate ID or BOC Certification Number. You can then purchase and take the exams.

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