Domain Percentage Correct Strength/Weakness
Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection 20.00% Possible Weakness
Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis 80.00% Adequate
Immediate and Emergency Care 90.00% Possible Strength
Treatment and Rehabilitation 20.00% Possible Weakness
Organizational and Professional Helath and Well-Being 80.00% Adequate


  1. Your percentage correct represents the percentage of questions that you answered correctly within that domain.
  2. Your areas of strength and weakness are based on your percentage of correct responses within each domain. A percentage of correct responses above 85% results in a "strong" designation. A percentage of correct responses below 65% results in a "weak" designation.


While your performance on this self assessment exam illustrated areas of strength and weakness, your performance on this self assessment exam does not predict your performance on the certification exam. This self assessment exam includes questions and problems developed by the BOC using similar procedures to those used for the BOC certification exam; however, these items will never appear on a certification exam. These items are examples of the types of items included on the certification exam and are presented in the same manner as the certification exam.